What a year we've had!

In just a few short days hours, we'll be opening a brand new book with 365 pages to fill with new memories BUT before that, I invite you to join me as I look back on the pages of 2021 really quickly.

This year will always be remembered as one of the most significant years in my photography journey as it recorded my biggest leap [till date] since I picked up a camera, and I have YOU to thank.

18 paid jobs and 1 charity event... all started with one booking in January - Victor and Chioma's engagement session.

When the couple reached out to me, I had never shot an engagement before but they trusted me to deliver, and deliver I did!

That session was very pivotal to the turnout and progress of my small business for the rest of the year, and looking back now, all I feel is immense gratitude.

I appreciate everyone that has supported my small business in whatever capacity, be it Instagram likes, shares, or referrals, or bookings.

I certainly would not have reached where I am today without YOU.

More than the numbers, I very much enjoyed every single session I had with all my clients.

It was definitely an experience, and this journal entry won't be complete without me sharing some of the magic we created, and I will... shortly after I scream... Thank You for an amazing year!

I look forward to creating and documenting even more memories in 2022, in good health and high spirits.

Alright! Grab your popcorn, or chocolates, or hot beverage... relax... and enjoy the views :)